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Auto Part in Joliet, Illinois

All Items sold on this invoice are USED unless specifically noted.

Limited Warranty

  • No cash refunds, unless parts cannot be replaced
  • No refunds or exchanges without receipt
  • No refunds on electrical parts
  • Mechanical parts are guaranteed 90 days
  • A-Affordable Auto Parts does not guarantee labor
  • All body parts are sold AS IS
  • Tax charged on all parts
  • Deposits held over 30 days are not refundable

Engine Warranty

• A 90 day warranty covers defects in parts, (Long Block Only) providing proper installation methods are followed and such vehicle is operated under normal operating conditions.
• This warranty is strictly limited to the replacement of the defective long block engine which fails during the warranty period. Under no circumstances will we accept any charges for repairs to an alleged defective engine, and under no circumstances will we be liable for oil, towing charges, labor, or lost time while engine is out of operation. Engine must be installed by a certified mechanic in order for warranty to be effective.
• Defective engines must be returned to A-Affordable Auto Parts, Inc. with invoice for exchange, no exceptions. Credit will be issued only after the part is inspected by A-Affordable Auto Parts, Inc. This warranty expires 90 days from the date of invoice.
• Long Block includes the block, crank, pistons, connecting rods, complete heads, and assembly.
• Other parts on the engine are left on for convenience only. These items are not covered under warranty. Such items include intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, gaskets, and oil pans. Distributors, alternators, AC compressor, PS pumps, fuel pump, carburetors, fuel injection system, spark plugs, filters, water pump, etc.
Our liability from all causes is limited to the value of the goods sold or furnished. If goods are defective, we will not be responsible beyond the value of the defective piece sold, nor will we, in any way, be responsible for any damage or expenses occasioned by defective goods. Any exception to this policy will be noted on this invoice.

Product Safety

All used merchandise must be inspected by buyer for defects or safety hazards. Seller states that he in no way guarantees or warrants used merchandise for apparent or non-apparent safety hazards and affirmatively states that used merchandise sold may have safety hazards and it is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect for actual or latent safety hazards or hire an expert to so inspect.

Conditions that will void your warranty

  • If our ID mark, stamp or heat tab is removed, missing or melted
  • If the item is improperly installed
  • If the item is used for racing
  • If the item is operated without proper lubrication or cooling, regardless of the reason
  • If the item is installed without new oil and filter and proper flushing and cleaning of cooling system
  • If the item is installed by a shop or a person who does not have a Garage Keeper Legal Liability Insurance Policy at the time the work is done
  • If the item is disassembled or damaged

To warranty items you must:

1. Call A-Affordable Auto Part. at 800-750-3408 or stop in at our office at 328 Patterson Rd, Joliet Il, with this invoice prior to: expiration of the warranty period and any repairs being made on the item.
2. Tell them you are calling on a PRODUCT PROBLEM and may need warranty assistance.


  • Customer is responsible to deliver core to A-Affordable Auto Part of Joliet within 90 days
  • No core deposit refunded after 90 days
  • Cores must be drained of all fluids
  • No core deposit refund without invoice

Returns (Customer Convenience)

No returns on special orders or AS IS items.
No returns after 90 days.
Parts must be returned unused and in the same condition as when purchased.
All parts returned are subject to acceptance and approval of A-Affordable Auto Part (Shipping and packing will not be refunded).
Approved returns will be issued a partial refund of the price of the part LESS a restocking fee of $20.00 or 25% (whichever is greater).
Deposits are not refundable and void after 30 days.